A Date With Nathaniel Ep. 4
First Half:
~Part 1~:
A: A New Teacher, I'm Showing Him Around The School.
A: So This Is The Student Council Room. Next Time You Need Help, I Suggest You Ask Nathaniel. He's Very Helpful.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 2~:
A: This Time I'm The Victim Of Amber's Extortion! What Are You Going To Do About It?!
B: Of Course I'm Serious! Please Do Something.
A: It's Not The Money... You Could Talk To Her So She'll At Least Leave Me Alone.
A: Ok, Thanks, We'll See.
~Part 3~:
A: Did You Go Talk To Her?
C: Ok, I'll Come Back.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 4~:
A: You Haven't Seen Her Yet Have You?
A: Ok, I Have To Find Some Way To Get Back At Your Sister.
A: I Want To Be Worst Than What She Does!
A: You Could Agree To Something Less Severe Then?
A: Ok, It's A Deal!
~Part 5~:
B: I Noticed, It Didn't Take Her Long To Come Yell At Me. Was What You Told Her Suppose To Help?
A: So, What Did She Say?
A: So, That's Not True Is It?
A: It's Obvious That She Get's Away With Everything...
C: You Can Make It Up To Me By Helping Me Out, Right?
B: A Couple Of Clues, Something She Doesn't Particularly Like...
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 6~:
A: I'm Listening?
B: But I'm Afraid Of Spiders Too!
A: Oh Yeah, Why Not? I Could Give That A Try. Thanks.
~Part 7~:
B: Yes, Li Saw Me, She Got Involved And We Both Got Punished.
B: But It Was So Tempting... I Was Just Unlucky
A: I Have To Clean The Graffiti Th The Staircase After School, How Am I Suppose To Do That, By The Way?
A: Ok, Thanks.
First Half:
~Part 1~:
A: Nathaniel Something Weird Happened Last Night
A: Yeah, When I Was Cleaning The Graffiti After School, You Know?
C: Guess!
A: A Ghost!
B Or C May Work Here
B Or C May Work Here Again
A Or B May Work, Affinity Does Not Change.
A: ((He Looks Pretty Uncomfortable))
~Part 1~:
A: Yes, Look! I Found This!
B: Uh.. Well, Someone Was There.
A: Do You Want Me To Investigate With Me To Find Out Who Was Smoking, While Looking For The Ghost?
A: No, I’m Going To Stay After School And See What Happens!
~Part 2~:
A: Nathaniel! But What Are You Still Doing Here? You Scared Me!
A: You Know Very Well What I'm Doing. I Want To See If The Same Thing Happened As The Other Day.
A: Ok, See You Tomorrow.
~Part 3~:
A: I Saw It Again!
C: Well, Actually, I Heard The Same Noise, But I Didn't See Anything...
A: Uh... No.
A: It Seems To Me You're No Helping Me Very Much!
~Part 4~:
A: Look At What I Found This Time!
A: It Was In The Staircase! Someone Definitely Lost It There.
C: Uh... I'm Going To See If I Can Find Out Who The Owner Is Myself, I'll Give It You If I Can't.
A: ((Leave))
Have Fun~! ♥
A Date With Castiel Ep. 4
First Half:
~Part 1~:
A: That's Mr. Faraize, The New History Teacher, I'm Showing Him Around A Bit.
A: So This Is The Courtyard, I'd Be Care About Coming Here. Not Everyone Is That Nice.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 2~:
B: Phew, I'm Finally Done Showing That Teacher Around The School.
A: I Don't Know, People Are Always Asking Me For Some Kind Of Favor.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 3~:
C: ….
A: I Don't Find That Very Funny....
A: I'm Going To Find A Way To Get Revenge!
A: Not Really...
~Part 4~:
A: No, I Don't Have A Good Idea Yet...
A: If You Have An Idea, I'm All Ears!
A: Come On Pleeease.
A: Ok, Graffiti Her Locker! And For Something She Hates?
A: Oh Ok, Thanks.
~Part 5~:
A: Oh, What Can I Graffiti Her Locker With?
B: Well, I've Never Done It Before!
A: Oh, Okay I Get The Message.
~Part 6~:
A: My Plan For Getting Back At Her Back Fired On Me.
A Or C May Work Here
C: Well.. Whats Done Is Done, I'm Punished And Now I Have To Clean The Graffiti.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
Note: If You Ask Castiel For Cleaning Supplies And Says No Just Leave.
Second Half:
~Part 1~:
A: You Won't Believe What Happened To Me!
A: You're So Funny You're An Episode Behind Though!
A: I Was In The Staircase With Li, And I Saw A Ghost!
A: I'm Telling You, We Had Just Finished Cleaning The Graffiti When It Appeared! We Ran Away.
A: Oh Yeah? Have You Seen Something Strange There Before?
A: Yes?
A: Are You Serious?!
C: I Don't Know, But Something Was There In That Staircase.
A: I'm Going To Find Some Proof! If It Wasn't A Ghost, Then Someone Was There, You'll See!
A: Yes! I'll Come And Show You As Soon As I Find Something.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 2~:
A: Not Exactly, But Look What I Did Find!
A: Uh... Well, Things Weren't So Clear Yesterday.
B: Someone Was Smoking There.
A: I'm Going To Stay This Evening After School, I'll See If Something Happens.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 3~:
A: He Appeared Again!
A: Yes, And I Saw It Again!
A: Actually, I Ran Away Before I Could See What It Was, But I Heard It!
A: No, I’m Telling You!
~Part 4~:
A: I Saw You With Nathaniel.
A: Stop It! I Really Saw You Guys Talking To Each Other About Something!
A: Not With You Two, You Hate Him.
A: So Tell Me What You Were Talking About.
A: ((Close The Discussion))
Have Fun~! ♥
A Date With Jade Ep. 4
*Important Notice: You Can Only Go On The Date Once You Have The Highest Affinity With Jade.
~Part 1~:
A: Hey, Calm Down, I Was Asked To Help Out Only Two Days. I’m Not In Charge Of Anything.
B: I Know, I Just Told You That I’ve Only Been Helping Out For Two Days. I Thought You Were.
C: Dual Education? That’s Cool, So You Get Paid As Well?
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 2~:
C: Yeah, I Know Her A Little.
A: Ok, I’ll Try To Find Her.
~Part 3~:
A: Yes, Here You Are.
A: Yes, That’s Why She Took The Box, To Fill It Up.
C: Is There A Problem?
C: What Are You Going To Do?
A: Yes, If You Need Them.
A: I See…
A: $25 For Seeds?!
A: Wow… Well, Thanks! I’ll Go Now.
~Part 4~:
A: Yes, How Are These?
A: I’ll Let You Get To Work Then.
~Part 5~:
A: You Haven’t Finished Yet?
A: Ok, I’ll Go See If I Can Find It.
A: Yes, I Like Plants. All Right, I’ll Be Back As Soon As I Find It.
~Part 6~:
A: Yes, I Found It!
A: Now You Can Do What You Have Planned?
A: Ok, That’d Be Great If You Can Save Them.
~For The Illustration~:
C: I Would Say, The Orchids First, Then The Lilacs And The Cactus Last.
Have Fun~! ♥
A Date With Dajan Ep. 3
*Important Notice: You Can Only Go On The Date Once You Have The Highest Affinity With Dajan.
~Part 1~:
A: Not At All, But I Like Basketball!
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 2~:
A: Yeah, It’s Not Bad.
A: Ok, See You Later.
A: Sure, What?
A: Of Course, I’ll See What I Can Find.
A: I’ll Be Back As Soon As I Find One.
~Part 3~:
B: $5 But You Don’t Have To Pay Me Back…
A: Well, Thank You.
~Part 4~:
B: A Necklace? Do You Need Help?
A: I’ll See What I Can Do.
~Part 5~:
A: Yes, I Have It.
A: No Problem!
~For The Illustration~:
A: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen And Tony Parker.
Have Fun~! ♥
A Date With Nathaniel Ep. 3
~Part 1~:
A: Hi, So… Did It Work Out With The Absentee Note In The End?
A: Ok, Well That’s Good, Isn’t It?
A: Well, Have You Seen A Dog Around Here?
B: She’s Unbelievable. It’s Her Dog And I Would Be Surprised If We Were Allowed To Bring Animals To School.
A: All Right.. I’ve Got Nothing Against Dogs, But Still…
A: Thanks.
~Part 2~:
B: By The Way, I’m Sure That You Have A Cat!
A: That’s Too Bad, Cats Are Really Cute.
A: ((close The Discussion))
~Part 3~:
A: Why Don’t You Like Dogs?
C: That’s Ridiculous, Dog Aren’t Dumb! They Understand A Lot Of Things And You Can Teach Them A Lot!
A: ((Leave))
~Part 4~:
C: I Think I’m Going To Give Up, He Doesn’t Seem To Want To Be Caught.
A: Luring Him? With What?
A: That’s Not A Bad Idea, I’ll Try To Find Something, Thanks.
~Part 5~:
~In The Basketball Club~:
A: Yeah, Finally! Now I’m Doing A Favor For Someone From The Basketball Club.
C: Dajan, He’s Training Here With The Basketball Club.
A: ((close The Discussion))
~In The Gardening Club~:
~Part 6~:
A: I Wanted To Ask You… How Can You And Your Sister Be So Different?
A: No, Not Physically, I Meant…
B: She’s Really Not Nice To People.
C: Compared To You… She’s Immature Sometimes.
A: Did You Know She Took Money From Ken?
C: Does Someone Have A Bad Influence On Her?
A: Really?… ((I Don’t Think Its Castiel’s Fault, But Then Again…))
A: Ok. ((That’s Better Than Nothing I Guess.))
Have Fun~! ♥
A Date With Castiel Ep. 3
~Part 1~:
A: Hey, …Umm… Did You Get Everything Worked Out With Your Absentee Note?
C: Ah! He Was Here?! The Principal Totally Flipped Out And Is Making Me Find Him For Her!
B: I Would Still Rather Not Have Her On My Back.
A: Thanks.
~Part 2~:
C: Not Really. By The Way, I Bet You’re A Dog Owner.
A: Is Its Name Kiki Too?
A: Demon, That’s Scary!
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~Part 3~:
A: I Forgot To Ask You What Kind Of Dog Do You Have.
A: Oh, I Don’t Know What That Is.
A: ((Leave))
~Part 4~:
A: You Didn’t Try To Catch Him?
A: @??!!# What A Nightmare!
A: But What Am I Suppose To Give Him?
A: Great! That’s Really Nice, Thanks.
~Part 5~:
A: So, Do You Have Any Dog Biscuits?
A: Thank You Very Much! I Hope So Too. That’s Really Nice Of You.
A: Oh There He Is! I Have To Go, I’m Going To Catch Him.
~Part 6~:
~In The Basketball Club~:
A: Yeah, Yeah, That’s Done, I’m On My Way To See A Guy At The Basketball Club.
A: He’s From Another High School, He’s Just Here Training.
B: What? Are You Jealous?
A: ((Close The Discussion))
~In The Gardening Club~:
~Part 7~:
A: Hey, I Wanted To Talk To You About Amber…
A: Well Not Now, But When I Tried To Talk To Nathaniel About Her, But He Doesn’t Want To Listen To Me.
B: Did You Know She Want’s To Go Out With You?
B: Is It That Obvious?
A: ((Close The Discussion))
Have Fun~!♥
for episode 14 which poster do I need to choose for the barret?

Once Picking The Neutral Poster You Earn The Barrette.
Although, You Receive It At The End Of The Episode~

I Hope This Helps~! ♥

Uhmm i am stuck in the first episode and i dont know how to get to the city for my id card

You Will See These Row Of Buttons, Click The One That Says The City.

Hover Over The Different Buildings. To Get Your ID Photo You Must Go To The Dollar Shop.

I Hope This Helps~! ♥

heeeelp me!! i'm stuck in episode 5!! i just cant find that damn key! i know that someone will give it to me but i cant meet anyone in the whole school! i'm stuck for about 6-7 days.. what can i doo??

For Now You Can Save Up Your Action Points And Follow These Instructions Once You Have Enough ((That Is If You Can Wait~!))

As You Know In The Beginning Of The Episode You Have 3 Choices Concerning All The Commotion Our Principal Is Causing. Depending On Your Choice The Key Will Appear Differently.

First Of All You’ll Have To Talk To Our Well Loved Lysander. His Exact Location Is Unknown.

Next You Will Have To Talk To Our Colleagues If They Have Seen A Key Anywhere.

♥You Talk Talk To Peggy At The Beginning Of The Episode.

♥Capucine Can Be Found In The Class Room.

♥Violette Is In The Gymnasium.

♥Melody Is In The Student Council Room.

Now Once Your Sleuthing Is Finished And Have Judged A Party Guilty It’s To Get That Key~!

Depending On Your Choice At The Beginning Of The Episode The Key Can Appear One Of Three Ways:

♥If You Spied On The Conversation Castiel Will Give You The Key/

♥If You Chose To Go Away Lysander Will Give You The Key.

♥If You Chose Go See The Key Will Appear In The Gardening Club.

If You Have Problems Finding The Boys I Suggest Buying Their Rings At The Jewelry Store:

♥Silver Ring ~ $50 ((Nathaniel))

♥Purple Skull Ring ~ $50 ((Castiel))

♥Black Ring With Green ~ $60 ((Lysander))

These Help The Probability Of The Boys Appearing By +5.

I Hope This Helps~! ♥

I can't change the clothes of my candy love because when I go to the closet the ad is in the way and it pushes the clothing to the side so you can't see anyting. HELP!

There’s A Lovely Tutorial On How To Block Adds On Different Browsers Here.

I Hope This Helps~! ♥